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Trigger Point Therapy in Goodyear, Arizona

Trigger point injection (TPI) may be an option for treating pain, numbness and tingling in some patients. TPI is a procedure used to treat painful areas of muscle that contain nerve trigger points, or knots of muscle that form when nerves get pinches in the spine and muscles do not relax. Many times, these knots can be felt under the skin. Trigger points may irritate the nerves around them and cause referred pain or numbness and tingling, or symptoms felt in another part of the body.

In the TPI procedure, an advanced health care professional inserts a small needle into the patient's trigger point, located just under the skin in the muscle. The injection contains a local anesthetic (Lidocaine, which is similar to the novacaine the dentist uses), and may include a corticosteroid or anti-inflamatory.

Trigger Point Injections can be performed by two different methods:

1) By Needle, Or 2) by a "needle free" injection

TPI is used to treat many muscle groups, especially those in the arms, legs, lower back, and neck. In addition, TPI can be used to treat fibromyalgia and tension headaches. The technique is also used to alleviate myofascial pain syndrome (chronic pain involving tissue that surrounds muscle) that does not respond to other treatments.

Knee Therapy Program in Goodyear, Arizona

FDA-Approved, Non-Surgical Knee Protocol-
Thousands of people suffered from chronic knee pain that limited their lives for years… until the FDA cleared, non-surgical treatment option to end their knee pain was developed. Information that has helped countless local residents get their lives back and live pain-free!

Most major insurance providers, even Medicare, cover this revolutionary procedure.

When you have knee osteoarthritis, the hyaluronic acid (HA) in the synovial fluid in your knee joint becomes diluted and breaks down-reducing it's natural properties. This is associated with increased inflammatory processes that can degrade the cartilage in your knee. This inflammation causes pain receptors to begin firing during normal movement. The pain tends to cause knee osteoarthritis patients to limit movement, which in turn leads to further deterioration of joint structures and synovial fluid quality because movement is required for normal synovial homeostasis. This process can become a vicious cycle as the disease becomes progressively worse and quality of life is severely compromised for patients.

Our Trigger Point Therapy Program:

Step 1: Consultation, Evaluation, Digital X-rays and Ultra-Sound: Our doctors will perform specific orthopedic/muscle tests to determine the function of the knee. Ultra-Sound will be performed to assess soft tissue structures of the knee. Problem-specific X-rays will then be taken to determine if you are a candidate for our non-surgical knee program.

Step 2: Hyaluronic Therapy: Hyaluronic Acid, which acts as a synthetic form of your natural knee cartilage is administered under specific ultrasound guidance to add cushion and resilience back to the knee. Hyaluronic Acid acts as a lubricant to the knee joint. The accepted standard of care for our treatment with Hyaluronic Acid consists of 5 injections over a 5 week period, of SUPARTZ, that is derived from the collegen of the rooster.

Step 3: Rehabilitation: Stretching, strengthening and balance exercises will be recommended to rehabilitate the surrounding muscles/ligaments around the knee. Therapies will typically be performed under supervision 2-3 times per week for 6 weeks.
This program can be done every 6months as needed.

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I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Muscarella. (Disclaimer: Results May Vary from Person to Person)

J. D.
Goodyear, AZ

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